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System KAN-therm PP - Characteristics


System KAN-therm PP is a complete installation system consisting of pipes and fittings made of polypropylene PP-R (type 3), a thermoplastic material, and offering a range of diameters of 16-110 mm. Jointing system elements is performed using the coupling welding technique (thermal polyfusion) and electric welders. This welding technique creates continually identical joints in terms of quality, and therefore guarantees exceptional tightness and mechanic durability of the installation. 



System application:

System KAN-therm PP is designed for heating installations as well as hot and cold portable water, in single-family housing, multi-family and public buildings, schools, sports facilities, etc. It can be used for heat generator connections, heating manifolds, risers, and radiator connections. The system is also recommended for agriculture and horticulture sector as well as geothermal pipe networks, in industrial pipe networks for transporting  aggressive chemical fluids. 


System components:  


PP Uniform pipes are usually applied in installations with low or medium temperature of the medium transported, e.g. cold and hot tap water, compressed air or installations for transporting aggressive media.

Available in sizes: 

  • PN 10/S5 (20–110mm)

  • PN 16/S3.2 (20–110mm)

  • PN 20/2.5 (16–110mm)


PP Stabi Pipes contains aluminium barrier, are recommended for high temperature installations  e.g. central heating, surface heating manifolds, under soil heating

Available in sizes: 

  • PN 16 Stabi Al (20–75mm)

  • PN 20 Stabi Al (16–110mm)


PP Glass Pipes contains fibre glass, do not require any additional mechanic treatment (removal of Al foil) prior to sealing
the joint, plus they feature a low thermal expansion. PP Glass pipes are commonly used in  central heating installations.

Available in sizes: 

  • PN 16 Glass (20 – 110mm)

  • PN 20 Glass (20–110mm)




Specially modified structure of KAN-therm PP System fittings eliminates excessive impact of the material in the pipe-fitting joint. This solution allowed us to minimise the risk of blocking the cross section during assembly. Another important feature of fittings in the KAN-therm PP System is the absence of bottlenecks, which contributes to minimising pressure loss in the entire installation.




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